"Innovation Through Creativity"

A Message From the CEO
Message From the CEO

"Innovation through Creativity"
We, BANDAI NAMCO Studios is the development studio of entertainment contents adopting “Innovation through Creativity” as a slogan.
As the largest development studio in the BANDAI NAMCO Group, we are developing the network contents, mainly video games.
The environment surrounding us has been changing rapidly.
Advance in technology and evolution of network environment have enabled the customers around the world to play anytime anywhere they want. Also, the way of playing has become more and more diverse.
In response to that environment changes, and with the thought that we ourselves are leading this business field, we continuously provide the entertainment contents which makes customers feel pleased and happy.
For that purpose, creators from various countries with diverse talents are challenging everyday.
To make our customers happy, we consider that we ourselves need to enjoy creating our products from the heart.
We will stay avid and enthusiastic for playing, and achieve “growth, challenge and evolution” as a professional development group that makes “Innovation”.
Hajime Nakatani Signature Shigeru Yokoyama CEO, BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.

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Dreams, Fun and Inspiration

"Dreams, Fun and Inspiration" is the engine for happiness. Through our novel ideas and insatiable passion, we at BANDAI NAMCO provide "Dreams, Fun and Inspiration" to people around the globe.

The Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment

At BANDAI NAMCO we constantly strive to be ahead of the curve. Our aims are to bring new widths and depths to entertainment, to win the adoration of people around the world who love to have fun, and to be the global leader in our field.